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Travels Notes and Exhibit Reviews

Selected entries on places I traveled to and/or exhibits and conferences I participated in during the last few years

Sao Paulo, Brazil: March 2012

Seminar on Principles of Remix by Eduardo Navas at the Departamento de Artes Plásticas da ECA, University of Sao Paulo.


Lyon, France: November 2011

Remix and Cultural Analytics at Anthropology in Digital Times
University of Lyon


Rome, Italy: April 2011

Web 2.0 Video Remixes and Social Activism
Department of Communication and Media, American University of Rome


Bergen, Norway: April 2011

Remix in Cultural Analytics
Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies
, University of Bergen


Sao Paulo, Brazil: November 2010

Transmedia and Remix Debate at Brazilian Digital Culture 2010:


San Salvador, El Salvador: November 2010

Curated exhibition: A Modular Framework/Un Marco Modular
Part 1: http://remixtheory.net/?p=453
Part 2: http://remixtheory.net/?p=454
Part 3: http://remixtheory.net/?p=455
Part 4: http://remixtheory.net/?p=456


San Diego, California: December, 2009/April 2010

Notes on Sabrina Raaf’s Exhibition “A Light Green Light” at gallery@calit2: http://remixtheory.net/?p=425
Beatrix*Jar Hacking Workshop at MCASD: http://remixtheory.net/?p=415
Seminar on Cultural Analytics: http://remixtheory.net/?p=408


Sweden: October/November 2009

Notes on Sweden’s Approach to Art and Exhibitions:
Färgfabriken: http://remixtheory.net/?p=401
Interactive Institute: http://remixtheory.net/?p=402
Magasin 3: http://remixtheory.net/?p=403
Iaspis: http://remixtheory.net/?p=404
Mejan Labs: http://remixtheory.net/?p=405
Various Museums in Gothenburg: http://remixtheory.net/?p=406


San Diego, California: October 2009

Panel Discussion, Calit2 for the Exhibition “Tijuana/San Diego: Cooperation and Confrontation at the Interface “:



Mexico, Mexico City: Transitio_MX, October 2009

Brief Notes on Days One and Two: http://remixtheory.net/?p=394
Brief Notes on Days Three and Four: http://remixtheory.net/?p=395
Brief Notes on Days Five, Six and Seve: http://remixtheory.net/?p=396
Video Selections from “Bifurcaciones Sonoras” (Aural Bifurcations): http://remixtheory.net/?p=398
Nick vs. Nic: http://remixtheory.net/?p=399


Berlin, Germany, February, 2009

Recycling, Sampling, Jamming:


San Salvador, El Salvador: March through August, 2009

March 2009 Visit: http://remixtheory.net/?p=366
Premio Arte Joven and Latina Urbana (July 2009): http://remixtheory.net/?p=381
August 2009 Visit: http://remixtheory.net/?p=392


Madrid, Spain: Interactivos?, Medialab Prado, Madrid, June 2008:

The State of Swift Production: Interactivos?’08
Part 1 of 3: http://remixtheory.net/?p=315
Part 2 of 3: http://remixtheory.net/?p=319
Part 3 of 3: http://remixtheory.net/?p=320

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