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John Cage 7 Compositions for Piano @ 2 (Remix)

John Cage 7 Compositions for Piano @ 2 (Remix) is a mashup of compositions that last just over two minutes  thirty seconds. After listening to the compositions over the years, I realized that a mashup of the seven recordings would follow the principles of chance as promoted by Cage.  The compositions mashed include:

Music for Piano 20: 2:33
Music for Piano 85: 2:16
Totem Ancestor: 2:20
A Room: 2:26
Tossed as it is Untroubled: 2:31
Tripple Paced: 2:25
The Unavailable Memory of: 2:22

This mashup is part of an ongoing series of remixes of John Cage piano compositions.

The recordings were performed by Steffen Schleiermacher, and released in John Cage Complete Piano Music Volume1 & 2, 1998.

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