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Video Selections from “Bifurcaciones Sonoras” (Aural Bifurcations), Transitio_MX 03, by Eduardo Navas

Here are some videos from the selection “Bifurcaciones Sonoras” (Aural Bifurcations), curated by Arcángel Constantini and Rodrigo Sigal for Transitio_MX 03.

Interactive Installation by Gerardo García de la Garza (Mexico), No Materia, 2009.  Sound is produced according to the distance between the visitor and the object.

Peter Vogel (Germany), Circular Structure, 1979

It was quite an experience to finally view interactive works that are historically important.  Vogel developed the objects displayed in the two videos in the late seventies.  Questions on our relation to the object of art were a subject of intense debate during this period.  The work is now a relevant work that demonstrates the clear link between art practice during the mid-second half of the twentieth century, and the early part of the twenty-first.

Peter Vogel (Germany), Self-Stimulating Closed Loop, 1979.

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