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20 Great Music Applications For Facebook, by Stan Schroeder

Image and text: Mashable

Remember the time when we announced Facebook as a platform? Well, a lot has changed since then: thousands of great applications for Facebook have appeared, and having a “naked” Facebook profile is just not that cool these days. This time, we’ve assembled a list of 20 great music-related apps for Facebook that you simply must try out.

My Music – here’s one for all you iTunes users: this handy little app enables you to access your entire iTunes library directly from Facebook.

Pandora – tune into Pandora from Facebook and find your new favorite songs and artists.

Last.FM Music – the official Last.FM Facebook app lets you turn your music into playlists and compare musical tastes with friends. Read more about it here.

Last.FM Charts – import up to 5 charts from Last.FM into your Facebook profile.

iLike – somewhat of a competitor to Last.FM, iLike lets you see which concerts your friends are going to as well as add music and videos to your Facebook profile.

MixLister – create a personal theme song; import and create playlists and share them with everyone.

BandTracker – track your favorite bands and their shows and check out who your friends are tracking.

Music Videos – add favorite music videos to your profile. Simple and effective.

Yahoo! Music Videos – another way to import music videos to your profile, this time from Yahoo!’s vast collection.

Upcoming – track all the events you plan on attending. Great for tracking live shows.

What I’m Listening To – a must-have app that shows the world what song you’re currently listening to; powered by Last.FM’s audioscrobbler application.

Currenty Listening – similar to What I’m Listening To, this app shows the artist name and cover art of whatever song is currently playing on your computer.

My Last Songs Played – display the last songs played in iTunes or any other media player.

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