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Breakdancing, Beatbox, deejayin to Cannon D on Youtube (Blogged at KnowProSE as Cultural Remix: Korea meets Breakdancing meets…)

Image  & video source: Youtube

Note: This particular video is contextualized as a “Remix.”  I’m not sure I would agree completely, because it is more of a performative hybrid of different styles–rather than a sampling of material.  Regardless I do find the comments by

Text source: KnowProSE.com

Tue, 05/09/2006 – 02:01 — KnowProSE

I like a good remix. As I was surfing around tonight, I found this one.

Korea & Breakdancing. Korea & Beatboxing. Gayageum & Pachabel in D Major (I think…). Classical and Scratching with a backbeat. The list goes on.

All made visible through a video on the internet. Go figure.

You’ll need decent bandwidth to get this thing to run smoothly. With a 256K ADSL connection, it was hard to get past the ‘buffering’ aspect. I wouldn’t suggest it on a dial-up connection.

But it is very, very, very cool. Wish I could save it somewhere and watch it without the interruptions…

I also wish I could pretend that I could do anything but appreciate the video. Cool.

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