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Creating Customized Applications via Mash Ups, by Andreas Engel

Text source:  Spotlight 2.0
November 25, 2006

In these days it’s trendy to collaborate, share data and information over the Web. It seems to me like the Web has quickly morphed into a giant global operating system which allows to remix the Web via mash ups.

Over a period of nearly two years I posted more than 200 entries on my personal blog. The increasing amount of posts made it necessary to apply new ways to look up existing entries and to extract information quickly with precision.

Applying the state of the art Google AJAX Search API this combination of Web-based applications across different sources offers a useful, cheap and easy way to create a customized application solving this issue.

I found it easy to integrate and a fast way to search several blog posts without leaving the site and the quality of search results for my blog improved a lot applying the GblogSearch module. Reason enough to give the search box a prominent place on top of the page now.

Extracting information quickly with precision inspired me recently to create two customized search modules featuring AJAX and Video. I’m thinking already about leveraging a mash up including groupware and collaboration, information management, knowledge management, content management, work flows, multi channel facilities and single sign on. Mash ups put more power in the hands of end users.

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