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Do We Need Remix? – A Tactical Exploration Through Play With Media Materials

Text source: http://www.techfest.org/workshops/remix/ 

Today we stand surrounded by a range and density of cultural materials. There are multiple sites of production of texts, images and sounds. These circulate with velocity through expanding and intricate networks of transmission. What is our relationship with this world of images and sounds; and what are the forms and practices that can bring us to appropriate and regenerate our own moments of insertion into these networks? What do we infringe on when we start inserting ourselves into these networks, and what possibilities do we create? Do we need remix?

Dates: 26th & 27th of January, 2007

Duration: 2 sessions held over 2 days.

Venue: IIT Bombay

1. Overview

1. The workshop will explore REMIX through tactical practices that combine print, html, audio and image into engaging recombinant forms. The team of facilitators for the workshop will consist of people who have explored these questions through print forms, audio projects, html works and videos in their practice over the last few years at the Sarai-CSDS.
2. Workshop participants are invited to bring in materials they are excited by, exhausted by, disgusted by, stimulated by, curious about, repelled by, enchanted by, alienated from and those they would like to share with a wider world.
3. The workshop will be conducted through clusters of exploration of the diverse ideas, questions and media materials that the workshop participants bring to the workshop. The number of clusters will depend on the number of people attending and the range of practices that will come into discussion. The workshop intends to produce forms for further circulation.
4. Certification criterion for the workshop demands all individuals to be present in all the sessions. Failing this, no certificate will be awarded to the participant.

2. Content outline

The workshop will cover the aspects given below.

1. This workshop will focus on the conceptualization and production of various tactical forms such as broadsheets, or wall magazines, html based CD ROMS etc., over a two day period. The workshop will explore issues of content, form and design and the possibilities that Tactical Medias open out.
2. There will be 33 participants who will be divided in groups of 4/5. Each group will collaboratively produce one project. The choice of topics will be open to participants; however the conceptual thrust of the workshop will be to look at the idea of “Remix” as form, aesthetic strategy and an attitude towards materials and creative production. The projects will be made available for under a Creative Commons license. Finished works will also be uploaded on the web and made available for free.

3. Eligibility

Individuals confirming with the following rules will be eligible for the workshop:

1. All participants must have a valid ID card of his/her respective institution.
2. Recommended: Digital still cameras (with video options like Nikon L1)

4. Short listing

1. The workshop is open to everyone who wishes to register. NOTE that no accommodation will be provided for the workshop, and allotment will be on purely on first come first serve basis.
2. There is space for 40 participants.
3. There are no prior skills required.

5. Team size:

The exercises in this workshop can be done independently, so registration will be open on an individual basis. However participants will work in groups of four or five people, therefore if a team wishes to register together, please feel free to do so.

6. Payment details

Participants must register individually for the event. Cost of attendance of this workshop is Rs. 100 only.

7. Registration

Make sure you have read the above details before you register for the workshop.

For further queries contact:

* Rajat Toshniwal
Manager, Workshops & Exhibitions
Techfest 2007
+91 93245 16660

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