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Regenerative Presence: Remixing the Archives of Lynn Hershman Leeson

(Following message is archived for historical purposes)

At 12:00pm PST (noon) on November 30th, 2006, the Stanford Humanities Lab in collaboration with artist Lynn Hershman will present “Regenerative Presence: Remixing the Archives of Lynn Hershman Leeson.”   This will be a presentation of work from the ongoing Life to the Second Power (L2) research project http://presence.stanford.edu:3455/LynnHershman/261

This event is taking place under the umbrella of the Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory (HASTAC — http://www.hastac.org ) as part of its InFormation year, and in conjunction with other events held in December 2006 throughout the Bay Area. For more information, see

We are writing to invite you to this special event, which will take place in its entirety inside the “virtual” world called Second Life.

The L2 Project seeks to regenerate and re-imagine Hershman’s work inside the 3D online world Second Life; it will re-animate Hershman’s existing archive, now housed in the Special Collections Library at Stanford University. Converting the archive into a digital format of hybrid genre will allow users of the content to dynamically revisit the past while simultaneously expanding the audience for this material.

Hershman will give a tour of L2’s work in Second Life. Her voice will be streamed live via the web. The presentation can be experienced from multiple viewpoints. The event will be documented as it happens and later made available online.

An avatar access list will be imposed on the Life Squared project’s Second Life island, NEWare, for the duration of the event. To ensure access, please RSVP to Jeff Aldrich or Henrik Bennetsen or reply to this email at least 24 hours in advance of the event.  If you do not already have an avatar in Second Life, please ask Jeff or Henrik for guidance.

[Note: Attendance at this event in Second Life is restricted to invited avatars. The event will be documented as it progresses and presented in its entirety as streaming video. It will be made available via the Life to the Second Power project, both in Second Life and in the project wiki, and by HASTAC upon its conclusion.]

Henry Lowood
Curator for History of Science & Technology Collections;
Germanic Collections; Film & Media Collections
HRG, Green Library, Stanford University Libraries
Stanford CA 94305-6004
lowood@stanford, edu; 650-723-4602

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