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Map Mashups Get Personal

Image and text source: Wired

Originally published: March 26, 2006

A women named “Paiges” recalls hearing the band Portishead for the first time at a spot in New York’s Upper West Side, while she was meeting a man with whom she was having a torrid affair. “I was in NYC, your wife was out of town,” she writes. “We were in the bathroom and Portishead was playing. I remember being terrified that we would get caught.” She bought the album on her way home, and 12 years later still associates it with seeing her lover in that place.

That intimate memory isn’t locked in a diary or shared on a blog. It’s pinned to a spot near the intersection of West End Avenue and 104th Street on a new and growing community site called Platial that’s spreading a decidedly personal layer of geographic data atop the familiar terrain of online mapping.

Read the entire article at Wired

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