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[Re]Cuts participating in Dead Fingers Talk 2012: The Mayan Caper, at Galleri Box, Gothenberg, Sweden

Image: Dr.W/Eduardo Navas

I am very happy to announce that [Re]Cuts is included in the exhibition “Dead Fingers Talk 2012: The Mayan Caper,” taking place at Galleri Box, Gothenberg, Sweden, From April 28 to May 27, 2012.  The exhibition is curated by Mark Jackson from IMT Gallery, London, England. For this exhibition, only the sound of the video is presented.

Many thanks to Mark for his continued support of my work.  Below is the official press release in Swedish, followed in English:



Dead Fingers Talk 2012: The Mayan Caper
Revisiting Dead Fingers Talk: Bandexperiment av William S. Burroughs.

listen to your present time tapes and you will begin to see who you are and what you are doing here mix yesterday in with today and hear tomorrow your future rising out of old recordings
everybody splice himself in with everybody else

William S. Burroughs

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