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40-min MP3 of the history of bastard pop, remix and mashup

Image source: DJ Food

Text source Boing Boing

October 5, 2005

This is a 40-minute MP3 of a British radio broadcast called “DJ Food – Raiding the 20th Century” that attempted to sum up the entire cut-up/remix/mash up music movement. It’s lots of crazy, whacky, jarring, harmonious, tricksy, and serendipitous sound, and it made me laugh and think. The landing page for the MP3 has an exhaustive list of the samples employed.


Dance Dance Revolutionary! announces the winner of the Stay Free – Angela Davis re-mix contest: SPINNERTY of San Francisco

The Prison Industrial–Complex (Audio CD Recording)

Image source: http://dancedancerevolutionary.org/free.html
Project URL: http://dancedancerevolutionary.org/

Text source: made available by Fereshteh Toosi for Remix Theory

Dance Dance Revolutionary! is pleased to announce that the winner of the Stay Free – Angela Davis re-mix contest is SPINNERTY of San Francisco

Listen to the MP3 at the project website: http://www.dancedancerevolutionary.org/free.html

Dance Dance Revolutionary! is an arts initiative that aims to share information about radical activism through fun, participatory events. The project includes various platforms inspired by the lives of Angela Davis and Emma Goldman, two important figures in U.S. history.

As part of its ongoing activities, Dance Dance Revolutionary! hosted a re-mix contest. The objective was to creatively re-assemble songs written by the Rolling Stones and John Lennon/Yoko Ono about activist Angela Davis around the time that she was acquitted of federal murder charges in 1972.


Our Lives in the Bush of Disquiet: A dozen remixes (2006) of Brian Eno and David Byrne’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (1981)

Image source: static.flickr.com

Text source: www.archive.org/

1. “Help Me Help Me” – AllThatFall
2. “If You Make Your Bed in Heaven” – Roddy Schrock
3. “Leftover Secrets to Tell” – Pocka
4. “Secret Life Remix” – Stephane Leonard
5. “The Black Isle (Byrne/Eno Remix)” – (dj) morsanek
6. “Hit Me Somebody (Help Me Somebody Remix)” – MrBiggs
7. “Being and Nothingness (A Secret Life Remixed)” – john kannenberg
8. “Somebody Help Us” – My Fun
9. “Hey” – Mark Rushton
10. “My Bush in the Secret Life of Ghosts” – Prehab
11. “Not Enough Africa” – Ego Response Technician
12. “Helping (Help Me Somebody Remix)” – doogie

BURNING BABYLON: Stereo Mash Up (Mars Records, 2005) by Igor Kozličić

Image source: cookiejar.be
Text source: terapija.net

To american dub producer and musician Slade “Burning Babylon” Anderson reggae in his begginings reggae was just a side thing. He started his musical career by playing guitar in punk/metal bands like The Straw Dogs and The Freeze, where he builds himself in solid guitar player. But when he, in mid 90’s, swiched the guitar with bass, and punk with reggae the remarkable part of his career begins. With his first album “Roots and Heavy” from 1999. Slade tried to imitate his idols, King Tubby and Mad Professor, in his own way, as well as his nationales Thievery Corporation, in which he succseeded. Next album, “Garden of Dub” from 2001. passed even better, as it comes with remarkable cover of Clash’s “Bankrobber” and few hits made on his own, “Into Twilight” and “Dub of Thieves”. Following year he started to work with excellent english dub/roots label & distribution Tanty for which he publishes a maxi single “Dub Shack”, as well as he contributes to their compilation “Roots of Dub Funk” vol.3 with song “Living Soul Dub”.


A Night at the Hip-Hopera by STEVEN SHAVIRO

Image source: olerkiilerich.dk
Text source The Pinocchio Theory

December 1st, 2004

A Night at the Hip-Hopera, by the Kleptones, is the best mash-up I’ve heard, at least since Strictly Kev’s Raiding the 20th Century. (The Disney Corp. is taking legal action to suppress Hip-Hopera; the Kleptones are no longer allowed to host the mp3s on their own site. But they list other sites that carry the files; these won’t go offline until Disney gets around to contacting each of them individually with cease-and-desist orders. And if these don’t work, Google has a lot of links to it too).

A Night at the Hip-Hopera consists of music by Queen (whose copyright is owned by Disney, hence the cease-and-desist orders), together with vocal tracks taken mostly from various hip hop artists (both current and old skool, ranging from Afrikaa Bambaataa to Vanilla Ice to the Beastie Boys to Grandmaster Flash to Dilated Peoples to Missy Elliott) together with a few non-hip-hop bands (Electric Six, Morris Day), plus a montage of soundbites from (real and fake) news broadcasts, interview tapes, and old low-budget SF movies (not to mention attacks on copyright law and exhortations in favor of piracy/sampling/remaking). (There’s a fairly complete list of sample sources here).


Roots Manuva Collossal Insight CD

Source: DJ Souls

Abstract Future, Remixes

Click here for detailed image
(Source: Juno Records)

Title:     The First Theory
Label:     Magnolia Digital
Cat No:     MAG 008
Format:     192 mp3, 320 mp3, wav
Released:     19 September, 2006

Cinematic Orchestra’s Man with the Movie Camera, CD/DVD

Click here for detailed image
(Source: Ninja Obsession)

The Cinematic Orchestra : “Man With the Movie Camera” (CD/DVD/2xLP ZEN78, 2003.05)

David Bowie’s “China Girl” 12 inch (Long Version)

(Source: Illustrated DB)

China Girl (EMI SPRO 9951/9952)
US (1983)

A  “China Girl” (Long Version)
B  Shake It (Long Version)

Promo 12″ that came in the same sleeve as the stock copy.

David Bowie’s “China Girl” 12 inch, Special DJ Copy

(Source: Illustrated DB)

China Girl (EMI PRP-8237)
Japan (1983)

A  “China Girl” (4’17”)
B  “We Too” (by the Little River Band)

Promo 12″ with the single edit. This single appeared in a blue duotone copy of the US sleeve

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