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Gamer Remix

Image source: http://barnofhell.com/saskrotch.htm

The New Gamer stopped posting Gamer Remix Reviews some time ago.  Regardless, the reviews that are still available are worth perusing.

Some of the reviews that I find relevant to my research include Saskrotch – Nintendo Breakz Vol. 1, Binster – ICO (Icon OC ReMix), and McVaffe – Castlevania Adventure [CV2K] and Nullsleep – Depeche Mode GameBoy remixes.

Video: DJing and VJing with Nintendo Wii Remote, by Peter Kirn

Images source: http://wii-wii.us/
Text source:  http://createdigitalmusic.com/
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While music manufacturers struggle to create “integrated hardware solutions”, enterprising DJs and VJs are picking up US$40 Nintendo Wii remotes and having a blast. Here, the controller gets assigned to audio filters on the computer (I’m guessing the Max/MSP/Jitter external may be at work as it’s on a Mac), and controls glitchy visuals. I’ve been working with the Wii myself, and I’m not quite satisfied with the gestures I’ve gotten out of it yet — just as some of the early launch title games for Wii may not quite have the control scheme perfected yet, so, too, are these early performance attempts a bit limited. But another six months to a year, some more code, and I’m sure we’ll being having Wii DJ/VJ battles.

Super Mario Time Attack Remix

(Source: Flame Games)

Not a very good remix, but still worth noting.

Bleap Festival, 2006


THE TANK and 8BITPEOPLES are pleased to present the Blip Festival, a four-day celebration of over 30 international artists exploring the untapped potential of low-bit videogame consoles and home computers used as creative tools. Familiar devices are pushed in new directions with startling results — Nintendo Entertainment Systems and Game Boys roaring with futuristic floor-stomping rhythms and fist-waving melody, art-damaged Sega hardware generating fluctuating and abstracted video patterns — and that’s only the beginning. An exploration of the chiptune idiom and its close relatives, the Blip Festival is the biggest and most comprehensive event in the history of the form, and will include daily workshops, art installations, and nightly music performances boasting an international roster larger and more far-reaching than any previous event of its kind. Small sounds at large scales pushed to the limit at high volumes — the Blip Festival is an unprecedented event that is not to be missed.


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