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CNNplusplus: Tactical Media

Image and project source: http://www.cnnplusplus.org/
Text source: http://01sj.org/content/view/269/49/ 

CNNplusplus presents a technologically sabotaged newscast through subtle, automated media juxtaposition and replacement. The newscaster (video and audio) stays positioned solidly in the right corner of the screen as always, while our News Enhancement Program selectively replaces the other 2 regions of the screen. Independent news headlines replace weather, sports, stocks, and mainstream headlines on the bottom of the screen, while the upper left image is replaced with the results of a keyword-triggered Google Image Search. With the appearance and sound of a “normal” broadcast, CNNplusplus can entertain and educate the ordinary viewer.


A Stream of Movies, Sort of Free, by DAVID POGUE

Image source: http://www.gizmodo.com/
Text source: NYtimes

Published: January 25, 2007

If there’s one sure thing about the future, it’s that it always takes longer to arrive than you think it will.
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Illustration by Stuart Goldenberg

A Netflix screen that lets members watch movies instantly on their PCs. The rollout is scheduled to be complete by June.

Here we are in 2007, and the interstellar space travel depicted in “2001” is still a sci-fi fantasy. Heck, we haven’t even reached the society of mind control imagined in “1984.” (Insert your own joke about politics or advertising here.)

So when the pundits tell you that the death of the DVD is imminent, that we’ll soon get all our movies instantaneously from the Internet, some skepticism is in order.


El arte de combinar imágenes: el remix ya llegó a la plástica. Artistas plásticos crean sus obras combinando imágenes de otros autores, by Julián Guarino

Note: The following article is in Spanish only. It includes some of my own theories on Remix.

Image: TRANSFORMACIONES. La imagen de Escher, “remixada” con técnicas del siglo XXI.
Text and image source: Clarin.com

January 20, 2007



Cuando en 1968 los Beatles volvieron de la India con una gran cantidad de canciones bajo el brazo y editaron el archiconocido Álbum Blanco, no imaginaron, ni en sus sueños más psicodélicos, que casi 40 años después ese trabajo sería el germen de otro no menos memorable.

Pero en 2004, el Dj. Brian Burton (popularmente conocido bajo el alias de Danger Mouse) parió El Álbum Gris, una obra conceptual en la cual se fundía la música del “álbum blanco” de los Beatles con la voz y letra del “álbum negro” del rapero Jay- Z. Para la anécdota quedará que, demanda de las discográficas mediante, el trabajo fue retirado de circulación y a las pocas semanas se convertía en un hito, bajado ilegalmente de la red por más de 100.000 personas.


New Media Develops Rapidly, Report and Interview by Jeffrey Brown

Source: The News Hour
January 1, 2007

New media products and programming developed rapidly in the past year. Jeffrey Brown takes a look at the largest media stories of 2006, including the rise of YouTube and the ongoing struggles in the newspaper business.

JEFFREY BROWN: Yes, the big stars of what we can call old media were in the spotlight in 2006, notably when Charles Gibson and Katie Couric traded mornings for evenings.

But another old media mainstay, Time magazine, passed over the anchors and other newsmakers, and instead selected as its person of the year, “You.” That’s you, the viewer, reader, listener, and more and more creator of news content.


Sequels Dominate Cinema Calendar By Neil Smith

Spider-Man 3 kicks off the summer blockbuster season

Source: BBC News
January 2, 2007

As Hollywood prepares to unveil its latest raft of big budget sequels, cinemagoers can expect to feel a sense of deja vu once again in 2007.

With more than half of 2006’s most profitable films being follow-ups to existing franchises, last year’s box office receipts have consistently disproved the adage that familiarity breeds contempt.


YouTube Honored by ‘Time’ Magazine

(Source: Morning Edition)

November 7, 2006 ·

Time magazine has named the video-sharing Web site YouTube as its “Invention of the Year for 2006.” The magazine says YouTube’s scale and sudden popularity have changed how information is distributed.

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